10 tips to make sure Obamacare works for you

A word to the wise from USA Today/Kaiser Foundabtion editorial board.

  1. Carry your membership card everywhere.
  2. Understand your plan’s doctor and hospital network.
  3. Stay in the network.
  4. Try to stay in-network even if it’s for emergency care.
  5. Avoid all emergency rooms unless it’s really an emergency.
  6. Pay monthly premiums on time and accurately.
  7. Register online with your new insurance company.
  8.  Save paperwork. Make sure you really owe what doctors and hospitals bill you for.
  9. If you don’t get satisfaction from providers or insurers, try regulators.
  10. Do read the plan’s summary of benefits and coverage.


Did they mention STAY IN NETWORK? GOOD. My advice to you: STAY IN NETWORK.

It’s interesting that as a rule, my healthy clients are not overly concerned with the network coverage. Clients with medical conditions have a much greater awareness. I suggest that the healthy clients learn a lesson from those with medical conditions.


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