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Obamacare application instructions

61 pages long plus videos! You can NOT make this stuff up.

It’s easier to apply for green card than Obamacare.

No fooling! The good news!?? The draft application is only 15 to 21 pages long.

Adams recommends that consumers start the application process right away when the exchanges open in October, because as 2014 approaches, the deadline for when all Americans must have health insurance, the rush of last-minute applicants may bring the enrollment websites crashing down. “Our fear is that people are going to put it off til New Year’s Eve, and by then the sites will be overloaded and Navigators will be overloaded,” Adams says.

Ya think? Also, I’d use a health insurance agent that’s worked in the field awhile, not a newly trained “Navigator”. Your costs will be the same.

Counterpoint: The 21-Page Health Exchange Application Form: Not A Burden

Finishing the task would take slightly more effort than watching cartoons, and that’s where the trouble starts.  Sadly, we are a nation stooping to the lowest common denominator of everything and apparently that holds true for the most important annual purchase that any family will make.

Simply put, the 21-page form is as simple as it can reasonably be, and anyone who can’t fill it out will get help.  It’s worth looking at, because Connecticut plans to use the federal version — states are allowed to design their own if they want — and because this whole flap about the complexity of the forms is nothing but political posturing by people who want Obamacare to go away, or to offer even more services to lazy Americans who now must exert a little bit of effort to deal with their well-being.

Well, I don’t know but we’ll find out soon enough.