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Obamacare exemption

“Just because they backed off, doesn’t mean that we should”:  Obamacare Exemption for Congress. We’re Missing The Point | Michael BrownMichael Brown.

Michael’s rant on the Obamacare exemption our arrogant politicians are looking to carve out to protect their own self interests concludes…

Just because these clowns were caught scheming about such a ridiculous idea doesn’t mean they still shouldn’t be held accountable.

The very idea that Democrats and Republicans would even consider such an idea should not be forgotten. This is the audacity of arrogance of a political ruling class that is out of control, disengaged from the very people they govern.

The very nature of this idea is so repugnant, considering the stealth manner in which Obamacare was adopted, the lack of public support for the program now, and the admission by some original supporters that the legislation is unworkable, that the leadership of both parties should be replaced in its entirety.

There comes a time when the leadership of any organization becomes so self-centered, with no perspective except self-interest, that the organization can survive only by the complete and total replacement of the leadership.

We have reached that point with Congress.

The entire leadership of the Republican Party and the entire leadership of the Democrat party needs to be replaced.

Indeed. I’m willing, are you?