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‘Obamacare Survival Guide’ – the book

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Obamacare Survival Guide’ – Washington Times.


“Obamacare Survivor Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What it Means for You and your Healthcare” lays it all out. Author Nick Tate (a journalist and intrepid fact-finder) has obviously studied all 2,700 pages of the confusing legislation, and delivers to America his analysis. He tries — oh, how he tries — to shine light on both the good and the bad, although facts get in the way of his effort at a strictly 50-50 report because a dispassionate analysis comes down on the side of the latter far outweighing the former.


Questions remain, such as the cooperation (or lack thereof) of the anticipated state insurance “exchanges.” Some states are pushing back. Obamacare “lives in a fluid state,” Mr. Tate acknowledges. Future developments could bring changes. Nonetheless, the book is a good reference work despite those uncertainties.


A Democrat, a union and myriad businesses see chaos in Obamacare

A Democrat, a union and myriad businesses see chaos in Obamacare « Watchdog.org.

Perhaps the question is no longer if Obamacare will wreak havoc on the American economy.

Instead, the query seems to have morphed into something far more dire and prophetic: Just how much chaos will the law inflict upon the American people, businesses and the economy?

As I’ve said before, prediction: Chaos.


Obama Strategist: ‘We Don’t Worry’ About Obamacare Implementation

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Obama Strategist: ‘We Don’t Worry’ About Obamacare Implementation.

“The Administration has had three years to set up these exchanges. It has failed to do so,” writes progressive TIME columnist Joe Klein. “This is a really bad sign….One thing is clear: Obamacare will fail if he doesn’t start paying more attention to the details of implementation, if he doesn’t start demanding action.”

Still, Pfeiffer says the White House remains unworried. He says Obama plans to encourage young adults and minorities to sign up for the government health exchanges come October. After all, says Pfeiffer, Obama has “a lot of cache” with those groups.

Has an Pfeiffer never had a real job in his life? If you work in the “real world” you come to realize that successful programs take the time to do the last 10%. That’s what makes them successful. Not happening with Obamacare implementation.

Prediction: chaos


Pro-Obamacare company: rebate plan could be ‘catastrophic’

Pro-Obamacare company: rebate plan could be ‘catastrophic’ | The Daily Caller.

Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter, who previously lobbied on behalf of Obamacare, said that one of President Obama’s costly new health-care reforms would have “catastrophic” consequences for innovation and that he plans to fight against it.

I thought that CEO’s were supposed to be smart people. Anyone with any smidgen of common sense would have seen something like this coming down the road. To think they would come out of this relatively unscathed, CEO Lechleiter should resign due to his incompetence. He should also apologize to the other health care companies that he “sold down the road” or “stabbed in the back” or create your own visual metaphor.