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Young invincibles have the power to “kill” Obamacare

How to kill Obamacare without even trying | The Daily Caller.

A young invincible speaks…

In a refreshingly honest appraisal, Emanuel admits that Obamacare will virtually self-destruct if my demographic doesn’t come to its senses. The program depends on the full participation of the American citizenry. Every testosterone-soaked Young Invincible who doesn’t sign up for Obamacare will cause prices to increase. The increased prices will drive other citizens away. In the end, Obamacare will serve only the very poor (who pay subsidized rates), the very sick (who are expensive to care for) and the very old. (adverse selection – Ed)

The apparent solution is to put the young invincibles on a guilt trip Continue reading Young invincibles have the power to “kill” Obamacare


Colorado health exchange extending hand for Government Cheese

$125 million more requested to implement Obamacare in Colorado | The Daily Caller.


Conservative members of a nonprofit organization set up to run Colorado’s Affordable Care Act-mandated state health insurance exchange are reeling from sticker shock over the cost of rolling out the program.

Federal grants have already paid $61 million to set up the one-stop health insurance shop, but the board is now being asked to approve another $125 million federal grant request.

What are the funds being used for?

Of the $125 million more wanted by staff of the exchange, which is called Connect for Health Colorado, $14 million would be earmarked for outreach. The organization estimates that 90 percent of Coloradans don’t know about the exchange, what it does or how to use it.

So what;s the other $111 million going to be used for? There is mention of hiring and training “navigators” but that’s still going to leave $100 million.

Is it possible the exchange isn’t close to ready? Prediction: Chaos