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Cancer patients could face high costs for medications under ObamaCare, critics warn

Cancer patients could face high costs for medications under ObamaCare, critics warn | Fox News.

The problem:

To try to keep premiums low, some states are allowing insurers to charge patients a hefty share of the cost for expensive medications used to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other life-altering chronic diseases.

Such “specialty drugs” can cost thousands of dollars a month, and in California, patients would pay up to 30 percent of the cost. For one widely used cancer drug, Gleevec, the patient could pay more than $2,000 for a month’s supply, says the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

On the other hand in New York the highest cost is $70.

California’s response…

A spokesman for Covered California said state officials are trying to balance between two conflicting priorities: comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums.

Which is an issue health insurance companies deal with every day in pricing their plans. Creating Obamacare hasn’t made the issue go away. However, there ARE maximum out of pocket limits for each type of plan (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze) that prescription medication contribute towards meeting.

So if you have a disease with high medication cost, you purchase a Gold plan with a relatively low maximum out of pocket. The out of pocket is reached upon filling the first prescription or having the first infusion and the other 11 months are covered 100%. It’s hard to believe that a payment plan can’t be worked out for the balance. I can see where it may be different working with a pharmacy vs. a hospital or infusion center.


What the Self-Employed Don’t Know About Obamacare Subsidies

What the Self-Employed Don’t Know About Obamacare Subsidies – Businessweek.

Question: I am a 56-year-old self-employed woman with no dependents. I do not currently have health insurance but I need it and I understand I will have to buy it starting in 2014. What should I do and how can I afford it?

If the shoe fits, read it. You can view subsidy eligibility here.


Not so quick on the new improved Obamacare application

Applying for Obamacare | Power Line.

Read the link and decided if you wish to answer this question…

But back to the new, 11-page form. It contains a strong warning not in the earlier, 21-page draft: “I’m signing this application under penalty of perjury . . . I know that I may be subject to penalties under federal law if I provide false and or untrue information.” That threat may unsettle applicants already not sure they’re correctly answering complicated questions. If they don’t, the consequences could be costly….

There are TWENTY EIGHT options for family relationships. Once can only imagine what happens after that.

Scott Johnson at Powerline concludes…

The story of the Obamacare application is perfectly representative of the thoroughgoing dishonesty that has permeated the Obama administration’s peddling of Obamacare. It is also perfectly representative of the media’s service as the Obama administration’s handmaiden in peddling the administration’s falsehoods.  (emphasis added)

It’s beginning to look like my prediction of Obamacare chaos is too kind.