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Some unions now angry about health care overhaul

Some unions now angry about health care overhaul.

Some labor unions that enthusiastically backed President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul are now frustrated and angry, fearful that it will jeopardize benefits for millions of their members.

Union leaders warn that unless the problem is fixed, there could be consequences for Democrats facing re-election next year.

“It makes an untruth out of what the president said _ that if you like your insurance, you could keep it,” said Joe Hansen, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. “That is not going to be true for millions of workers now.”

Color me skeptical on the consequences for Democrats. I suppose there could be from lack of enthusiasm but that’s as far as I can imagine it going.


Some very good news for Obamacare

Wonkbook: Some very good news for Obamacare.

As always, Sarah Kliff has the details. The California exchange will have 13 insurance options, and the heavy competition appears to be driving down prices. The most affordable silver-level plan is charging $276-a-month. The second-most affordable plan is charging $294. And all this is before subsidies. Someone making twice the poverty line, say, will only pay $104-a-month.

Sparer plans are even cheaper. A young person buying the cheapest “bronze”-level plan will pay $172 — and that, again, is before any subsidies.

I just don’t get the compeition argument but the post goes on to give an example…

The way this competition can drive down rates is already evident in Oregon. There, one insurer came in with monthly premium costs in the $169 range, while other insurers asked to charge more than $400. But then, seeing what their competitors were charging, two insurers came back to the state’s regulators and asked if they could refile at lower rates. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be competitive in the exchange. The Obama administration was ecstatic to see this: It’s exactly what they’re hoping will happen across the country.

The unfolding will continue over the coming months…


California officials unveil exchange plan menu

California officials unveil exchange plan menu | LifeHealthPro.

Mid-level “silver plan” coverage could cost less than $250 per month for a 40-year-old male in some markets, but the average premium rate for the cheapest silver-level plan in a market will be about $300 per month, and the rate for the third cheapest silver plan will be $335, according to a guide to the exchange menu plan rates and a related Covered California presentation.