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NBC News/WSJ Poll: Health care laws unpopularity reaches new highs

Health care laws unpopularity reaches new highs – First Read.

President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law remains unpopular with the American public just months before it fully goes into effect, according to the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The poll shows 49 percent of Americans say they believe the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea. That’s the highest number recorded on this question since the poll began measuring it in 2009. Just 37 percent say the plan is a good idea.

Among party lines:

By a 35 percent-to-11 percent margin, Democrats say they’ll be better off under the health care law. But Republicans say they’ll be worse off, 67 percent to 4 percent.

And to no one’s surprise…

What’s more, those who currently don’t have health insurance have a more positive view of the health-care law than those who have insurance — either through individual purchase or through their employer.

I wonder if they expect the coverage to be for “free”?

There are real issues, the pre-existing conditions and uninsurability being the main ones. Did it take a 2200 page law not to mention 70,000+ pages in regulations to address that issue?