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Can Obamacare reach escape velocity?

ObamaCare hits hurdles ahead of fall deadline | Fox News.

Obama administration allies are ratcheting up their push to sell ObamaCare, with one making a seven-figure ad buy to promote the “benefits” of the overhaul while another prepares to hold dozens of events across the country.

The sales job, it turns out, may be needed more than ever.

With an October deadline fast approaching for the launch of the “exchanges” — the newly created government-regulated insurance marketplace — the law is running into logistical and political hurdles despite surviving last year’s Supreme Court ruling.

Public opinion is just one barometer for the potential trouble ahead.

A new Fox News poll finds that voters oppose the law by a split of 55-40 percent, marking a 6-point increase in opposition from this time last year.

And a Kaiser foundation poll finds that only 19 percent of Americans think they will be better off under the new health care law.

Regarding the reported lower cost of the new plans in California…

“We’re seeing some good news. Competition and choice are pushing down costs in the individual market, just like the law was designed to do,” he said.

But analysts say that’s because it doesn’t offer the same insurance everyone else gets.

“There’s a Blue Shield plan now in California that will be sold under the exchange that only has a third of the doctors that the normal Blue Shield plan covers,” said John Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas.

That plan also excluded many of the better hospitals in the state.

Not a pretty picture. You’re not going to get “something for nothing”. The “competition & choice” mantra really doesn’t cut it. There was competition and choice prior to the ACA. Admittedly, comparing plans is easier as all plans have to fit the criteria of bronze, silver, gold and platinum but that only goes so far.

Cost control was not the main goal of the ACA, controlling 20% of the economy and dishing out favors and political power is the goal.