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Young invincibles and Obamacare = Marketing dollars and attention

Persuading young adults to buy into health care takes new tack | Minnesota Public Radio News.

The law requires Americans obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. The question is whether young people, starting in October, sign up or just pay the penalty, which in the first year isn’t much, the greater of $95 or 1 percent of income in 2014. Officials, increasingly concerned that young, healthy people will simply tax the penalty, are searching for ways to lure them in.

“It’s important for everybody to participate all of the time and to pay an average amount in premiums so that when something happens to one of us — we have a baby, we get cancer… that will require thousands of dollars of care, the money is there in the pool,” said Karen Pollitz of the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

How does someone decide that an organization is non-partison?


Walgreen, Blue Cross Want You to Join Obamacare – Businessweek

Walgreen, Blue Cross Want You to Join Obamacare – Businessweek.

As the White House scrambles to get all the Obamacare pieces in place by October and to hold off those who would repeal the law, two big health-care companies have given their support to the rollout. Walgreen (WAG) and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association—both of which stand to profit from more people getting insurance—have launched a website to explain “how the new health care law affects you.” Walgreen will also provide information to shoppers in its 8,000 stores, Bloomberg News reports.


What a difference 3 months makes…

Sebelius: Exchanges will be ready on time, no need for backup plan – The Hill’s Healthwatch.

The Health and Human Services Department will meet its central ObamaCare deadline and does not need a backup plan for delays, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Friday.

Sebelius told the House Ways and Means Committee that a federally run insurance exchange will be up and running by Oct. 1.

“No,” Sebelius said when asked whether there’s a backup plan in case that deadline slips. “We are determined and on track to meet the Oct. 1 deadline.”

So in March, no one was thinking of a back up plan? I do not believe it.

Prediction: Chaos


Obamacare: Congress tries to do it’s job – oversight

House Panel: We Need Answers from Treasury on Decision to Suspend Obamacare’s Employer Mandate | CNS News.

“There are also questions about the unprecedented manner in which it was announced on an obscure Treasury blog site just two days before the 4th of July holiday. We invited Treasury officials to testify today to explain to the American people the rationale for the delay and how they announced this major setback. However, they declined to appear.”

Brady called the Treasury Department’s announcement “strangely-timed.”

“For the last several months, we’ve heard the White House repeatedly pledge to Congress and the American people that the president’s Affordable Care Act will be ready on schedule,” Brady, the subcommittee chair, said in his opening statement. “In fact, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently insisted before this very committee that the White House would not miss another Obamacare deadline. Not one, not again.”

“Shortly thereafter, the nation learned in a blog post of the embarrassing failure by the White House to have this major pillar of the new law in place on schedule. The Treasury Department’s announcement confirms our concerns. Obamacare is simply not ready,” Brady said.

I’d sure like to see a video clip of Kathleen Sebelisu saying “Not one, not again”!

It’s a fine line between amateur hour and total incompetence.