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Obamacare supporters are doing lots of door-knocking. It might not work.

Obamacare supporters are doing lots of door-knocking. It might not work..

Last week, I wrote about Enroll America’s plan to go door-to-door to urge uninsured people to sign up for health insurance, in some cases returning a half-dozen times to convey the message. But will a knock on the door – or eight – be enough?

Maybe not, according to Stan Dorn, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute, whom I quoted in the piece and who is skeptical of such efforts. He thinks the only way to get large numbers of people signed up quickly is to actually do the signing up for them.

“It’s human nature not to complete forms or paperwork,” he said. “The initiatives that have succeeded in enrolling large numbers of people have eliminated the need for consumers to fill out paperwork.”

I just wonder if people will be willing to share the information required even if someone signs them up.


10 Essential Health Benefits

Affordable Care Act’s 10 Essential Health Benefits – AARP.

  1. Ambulatory Patient Services
  2. Prescription Drugs
  3. Emergency Care
  4. Mental Health Services
  5. Hospitalization
  6. Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services
  7. Preventive and Wellness Services
  8. Laboratory Services
  9. Pediatric Care
  10. Maternity and Newborn Care

Note EHB’s are determined at the state level so although all plans must offer provide a certain level of coverage for each category, the actual coverages can vary from state to state.


Obamacare Hurdle: Consumers Flunk Health Insurance 101

How did people do? Their knowledge of the fundamentals of insurance, was, as Loewenstein put it, “dismal.” Only 14 percent showed they understood deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and caps on out-of-pocket payments.

Even when the researchers gave people a relatively simple hypothetical plan and asked them to calculate their cost for a four-day hospital stay, only 11 percent could. “And people were off by a lot,” Loewenstein says. “Thousands of dollars.”

via Obamacare Hurdle: Consumers Flunk Health Insurance 101 : Shots – Health News : NPR.

I’d like to say I’m surprised but I’m not. Heck, I’m not surprised thinking back to when I was much younger and in the corporate world. I was in an accident and went to the ER and yep there were unexpected payments, at least to me, that were my responsibility.

There are two ways out of this conundrum:

  1. Basic coverage should be a high deductible HSA with preventive care. If additional coverage is needed, it would be from a separate policy providing copays and other first dollar benefits
  2. Single payor.

I’m favor option #1 by a wide margin.


Some lawmakers not using health care exchanges – StamfordAdvocate

Some lawmakers not using health care exchanges – StamfordAdvocate.

After reading the article, I really don’t have an issue with. These legislatures are using options that would be available to many other regular citizens in similar situations. For example, medicare or a spouse’s coverage.

The article then goes into the subsidies that lawmakers will now receive. That’s a different matter alltogether.



Obamacare data hub IT readiness..

Who could have seen this comoing? Obamacare months behind in testing IT data security: government | Reuters.

The federal government is months behind in testing data security for the main pillar of Obamacare: allowing Americans to buy health insurance on state exchanges due to open by October 1

The missed deadlines have pushed the government’s decision on whether information technology security is up to snuff to exactly one day before that crucial date, the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general said in a report.

As a result, experts say, the exchanges might open with security flaws or, possibly but less likely, be delayed.

Remind me again, how long they have none this date was coming?

You can’t make this stuff up. Prediction: Chaos