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Got health insurance? Good luck finding a doctor

Got health insurance? Good luck finding a doctor.

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates a shortfall of 63,000 doctors by 2015and one of 130,000 doctors by 2025. U.S. medical schools would have to graduate seven times more doctors that year alone just to keep pace.

We need more doctors in America, and we especially need more of the small, primary care practices that often represent the only health care available in underserved areas. Unfortunately, market dynamics and policy changes are turning the independent family doctor into an endangered species.

There is some good news in the remainder of the article.


Feds Lower Training Requirements for ObamaCare ‘Navigators’

Feds Lower Training Requirements for ObamaCare ‘Navigators’.

As we near the October 1 implementation date of ObamaCare, it is becoming increasingly clear that the federal government isn’t prepared. Late last week, HHS quietly reduced by one-third the number of hours of training required for “navigators,” individuals tasked with helping the public enroll in the program. The decision to cut training adds to already existing questions about how effective the “navigators” can be.

“Navigators” are federally funded community activists who are supposed to help the public navigate the insurance exchanges and apply for any qualified subsidies. By design, individual navigators can have no ties with the health insurance industry, raising the question of how well they can help individuals select the best coverage option.

Remind me again, how long have they had to plan and implement “Navigator” training?


PPACA leaves ailing uninsured underwhelmed | LifeHealthPro

Yes, that’s underwhelmed. PPACA leaves ailing uninsured underwhelmed | LifeHealthPro.

Laura Adams, a senior analyst at the quote service, said she was surprised to see how few people with pre-existing conditions are planning to buy health coverage, giving that helping people is key goal of PPACA.

Some PPACA watchers have wondered whether the exchanges will sign up enough healthy new customers to keep the ratio of claims to revenue at a reasonable level.

The new research “suggests that we should also be worried about unhealthy Americans failing to enroll,” Adams said.



ObamaCare data hub – privacy amateur hour

ObamaCare Poses a Massive Privacy Risk Unless It’s Delayed – Investors.com.

Despite repeated assurances that the ObamaCare data hub is on schedule, a government audit finds that vital security measures to protect private information likely won’t be ready by Oct. 1. The implications are profound.

As far back as December 2012, Obama administration officials were insisting that the data hub at the center of the ObamaCare exchanges was nearly finished.

Yet all the while, they were pushing back deadlines or missing them altogether, to the point where, unless ObamaCare’s launch is delayed, millions of people’s privacy will be at risk.

Obama officials may, in fact, have flat-out lied to lawmakers about the data hub’s progress. (emphasis added – Ed)

Nothing to see here, trust the government and move along now. Those inside the castle walls have everything under control.


Prediction: Chaos


Young invincibles face substantial rate increases

Rate Shock: Young People Face Big ObamaCare Premium Hike – Yahoo! Finance.

In Ohio, for example, the least expensive “bronze” plan for a 25-year-old will cost $1,956 a year. That’s almost three times higher than the cheapest plan in that state today, and higher than even the median-priced plan in the state, according to the GAO report.

In Virginia, the lowest “bronze” premium is $1,608 — which is 252% higher than the cheapest policy available today.

And Maryland’s least expensive ObamaCare plan will be 83% higher than the lowest-cost plan sold in that state this year.

Aetna (AET) on Thursday pulled out of Maryland’s exchange after state officials pressed it to lower its proposed rates by up to 29%.

Keep in mind these rates are prior to subsidies.