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UPS drops spousal coverage, teachers get hours cut due to ObamaCare

UPS drops spousal coverage, teachers get hours cut due to ObamaCare « Hot Air.

Finally someone discusses the “family glitch” issue. The only way around the family glitch is for the employer NOT to offer benefits. It’s not as simple as the employee declining benefits, if that’s even an option. Ed Morrisey comments…

As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the law requires employers to subsidize health-insurance costs for employees, but not for dependent children (meaning the employee has to pay full price), and they don’t have to cover spouses at all — even if the spouses don’t have their own jobs. Under that scenario, employees with children and stay-at-home spouses are better off going into the exchanges and getting taxpayer-fueled subsidies to buy their own family insurance — even though a mass migration into those exchanges will create an avalanche of unforeseen cost to ObamaCare.

The solution is to have the employer end health-care coverage so that workers then qualify for the exchanges. The business will have to pay a penalty, but that’s far below the cost of providing subsidized health insurance, so they win, too. The only losers in this scenario are taxpayers who have to fork over billions more than anticipated in exchange subsidies.

Single payer makes a complicated thing simple…. until it doesn’t. Of course, it will be too late by then.


Health plans drop working spouses or add surcharges

Health plans drop working spouses | TribLIVE.

A growing number of companies are looking to clamp down on rising health care costs by dumping coverage for their employees’ working spouses.

Others are requiring their workers to pay extra money to cover a spouse who could get health insurance elsewhere. And some may even consider making employees pay the full cost of insuring their children.

This is happening, not only because of cost but due to Obamacare itself…

More employers are taking a look at the strategy because Obamacare doesn’t specify that family health plans cover spouses, said James McTiernan, health care consultant with Triad Gallagher, a Downtown benefits firm.

A couple of points. Paying full cost for very young children is very expensive. That’s sure to cause some pushback. Also, I thought you could keep your plan!?

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