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End the Obamacare guessing game

What will Obamacare cost in Illinois? – chicagotribune.com.


Illinois officials have submitted proposed insurance plans and rates to the federal government but won’t tell the public what they are. Illinois folks say they are waiting on federal officials for final approval, but the feds keep pushing back the deadlines.

This didn’t get much attention last week, but Reuters reported that the feds have slipped in another delay on finalizing agreements with insurers about the plans that will be sold through the exchanges. Those approvals won’t come until mid-September. So we have to keep guessing.

Federal officials didn’t explain the latest delay. But such deadline busters aren’t a surprise. The feds have already missed more than half the deadlines in the rollout to Obamacare, writes conservative analyst Avik Roy in Forbes.

Oh, and by the way, federal officials dumped another 300 pages of Obamacare rules on states and insurers just last week. (emphasis added)

“How the heck can anyone (individuals, carriers, businesses) make any plans and stay compliant if they issue a rule just one month before it takes effect?” independent insurance agent Robert Slayton in Naperville said to us.

Amateur hour. Prediction: Chaos



States marketing ‘ObamaCare’ with other names to bolster enrollment | Fox News

States marketing ‘ObamaCare’ with other names to bolster enrollment | Fox News.

States running their own insurance programs as part of the Affordable Care Act have marketing and enrollment strategies that are sidestepping references to the words “ObamaCare,” a term that has largely come to be associated with the unpopularity of the plan.

And “exchanges” are now called “marketplaces”.


Employers weigh health care costs, penalties

Employers weigh health care costs, penalties.

Small nonprofits that pay no taxes can get tax credits. Some businesses that currently provide generous insurance may stop. And organizations could fork over more money covering part-time workers than full-time workers.

Example after example of small groups (2 – 50 employees) and the headaches that the Affordable Care Act is causing.

During the time Barack Obama was running for office, he said multiple times, ‘If you like your coverage, you can keep it. You don’t have to change,’ ” Richards said. “That is not true. Here is why.

“You know who is going to choose whether somebody can keep their plan or not? That’s me. My employees can’t walk up to me and say, ‘We’re going to keep our plan.’ No. I’m the one who makes that choice. I’m the one that’s paying the bill.”

And an employer’s priority, Richards said, is to keep the business running.

I knew from the beginning that people who bought individual plans would not be able to “keep their plans”. The quagmire faced by small employers is pure quicksand. It’s only a matter of time until small employers stop offering coverage, pay the penalty and their employees will find coverage on their state health insurance “marketplace”. “Marketplace” is the politically correct trem for “exchange”.

At least these guys have an extra year now.

Prediction: Chaos