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My First Experience With Obamacare

Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher: My First Experience With Obamacare.

An early report of the Obamacare computer systems and their upcoming affect on your health care experience…

“Can you give us just a second, Darren? We have an all-new system because of Obamacare.”

They handed me a tablet on which I had to fill out a questionnaire. I don’t want to answer these questions for my chiropractor, and they don’t want me to have to answer them! My doctor spent our entire visit telling me how silly it is, all the hoops and hurdles they have to jump, and the repercussions for him if he doesn’t jump. There are also repercussion for him if I don’t jump. He said that if he doesn’t do this, though, he’s not allowed to get paid by the insurance companies. Think of all the paperwork doctors and dentists had to fill out for insurance companies before Obamacare, and now double or triple it.

He was very blunt. “They’re trying to end private practice.” I asked for clarification; “they” is “the government.”

My doctor computerized his records probably close to 2 years ago. I now get some unusual questions that I never received before. I went along for a few years but I’m not looking for a new doctor that’s “off the grid”. No computer and I’m happy to pay cash