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Federal Exchange amateur hour is larger than the end user experience

Obamacare’s Federal Exchanges are Failing at Every Level – Hit & Run : Reason.com.

More then likely you have already read about all the issues the healthcare.gov end users are experiencing. Unfortunately, that is only a small part of this complex system. It also appears the information being transmitted to the actual insurance companies is bogus. Reason reports….

Here is one example from a carrier–and I have received numerous reports from many other carriers with exactly the same problem. One carrier exec told me that yesterday they got 7 transactions for 1 person – 4 enrollments and 3 cancelations.

For some reason the system is enrolling, unenrolling, enrolling again, and so forth the same person. This has been going on for a few days for many of the enrollments being sent to the health plans. It has got on to the point that the health plans worry some of these very few enrollments really don’t exist.

The reconciliation system, that reconciles enrollment between the feds and the health plans, is not working and hasn’t even been tested yet.

So far, healthcare.gov has documented issues with it’s web interface to the public and it’s interface with health carriers. Take a look at the flowchart below and see how many other communication interfaces that need to work flawlessly for healthcare.gov to operate as expected.


Anatomy of Obamacare flowchart





How federal cronies built — and botched — Healthcare.gov

How federal cronies built — and botched — Healthcare.gov | E government – InfoWorld.

“All but one of of the 47 contractors who won contracts to carry out work on the Affordable Care Act worked for the government prior to its passage,” the report reads. Some of the names ought to be familiar: Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Deloitte, and Booz Allen Hamilton, all of whom assumed different roles and worked on different aspects of the project.

As familiar as those names might be, especially to those who follow Beltway lobbying practices, few of them would be as commonly associated with large-scale IT projects as, say, Google, Amazon.com, or Dell would be — especially when it came to building the public-facing components of the system.

What a waste of taxpayer money healthcare.gov has been to date. Amateur hour extraordinaire.

I’m hopeful in a few weeks we can look back on this and it’s water under the bridge. Color me doubtful.

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