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Enrollment in Obamacare Exchanges: How Will Your Health Insurance Fare?

Enrollment in Obamacare Exchanges: How Will Your Health Insurance Fare?.

Source Report: How Will You Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges?

The following states will see decreases.

Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island

For the most part, these states will see decreases because they have already adopted some version of health care regulations that include mandates similar to Obamacare. One blue state, California, has pushed heavy mandates and yet will see its rates rise from 3.4% to 23.6%, with older Californians seeing half the hike that younger Californians will suffer.

Color me unconvinced on the Colorado reporting. The factual data I do have shows substantial increaes but that’s only on a few cases so there is no conclusion that can be drawn.¬† I will run some young invincibles this evening and add to this post.


Hospitals reject six ObamaCare plans

Be careful out there – Hospitals reject six ObamaCare plans | New York Post.

While most people have only 4 classes of plans to choose from, Bronze, Silver Gold and Platinum the big issue is the completeness of the network. Many plans on the Colorado Marketplace are classified as HMO’s. That translates into reduced networks.

The bottom line, if you want a larger network, especially if you travel, you should seriously consider a higher priced plan with a PPO network.