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Colorado’s canceled health insurance count tops 200K

Colo.’s canceled health insurance count tops 200K – The Denver Post.

More than 200,000 Coloradans are losing their health insurance because of the federal overhaul, the state Division of Insurance reported Thursday in a count of lives on health plans canceled by 23 carriers in the wake of new requirements.

The Division announced Wednesday that 106,083 people are on plans in the individual market that are getting canceled for reasons connected to the federal law.

Another 143,116 people are on canceled plans in the small-group market. They’re being directed to shop for new health insurance on Connect For Health Colorado, the state-run insurance marketplace.

It would be nice if a reporter would narrow down which companies are cancelling policies effective 12/31/2013. Anthem is mentioned, howver they are offering the option for their individual policy holder to extend their plans through 12/1/2014  whereas Rocky Mountain and at least some Kaiser individual plans are being cancelled as of  12/31/2013.

Oh but don’t worry, you can keep your plan.