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Oregon will drop its Obamacare exchange. What now?

Oregon will drop its Obamacare exchange. What now?.

After failing to launch a fully functioning Obamacare enrollment Web site, it looks like Oregon’s health insurance exchange will be taken over by the Obama administration. It’s a sign of how deeply flawed the Oregon enrollment system is despite initial lofty hopes, and a further indication of how much has improved since its own awful rollout.

The Oregon exchange board is scheduled to vote on the recommendation Friday, but as my colleague Amy Goldstein reported Thursday, federal officials have strongly encouraged the state’s move to That would make Oregon the first state to abandon its enrollment system, presenting some immediate policy questions.

Wonder how much money was flushed down the toilet by the idiots running the Oregon exchange?


Heartblood, – A bad combination

If you have an account at, change your password – Why Heartbleed May be more Troubling for in the Long Run | Fox Business.

Users of are being asked to change their passwords due to the federal exchange’s potential vulnerability to the Heartbleed security flaw, and the warning is troubling, analysts say, as medical information is hotter than ever for criminals looking to make a quick profit.

The federal insurance exchange site posted a warning on Saturday alerting users of the potential compromise. Aaron Albright, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services spokesperson, told the administration is continuing to monitor and take precautions to protect consumer data. does not store medical records or payment information.


HELP! Open enrollment is over, can I still purchase health insurance?

Yes, no, maybe so.

To avoid the Obamacare penalty and purchase a Qualified Health plan, you’re too late UNLESS a Qualified Life Event (QLE) has occurred. If you have a QLE, then a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) will be created that will allow you a specified time to enroll.

What is a QLE?

Loss of Minimum Essential Coverage due to:

  • Divorce of legal separation
  • Change in full time employment status
  • Employer no longer offering coverage
  • Voluntary or involuntary termination of employment
  • Death of parent or spouse
  • Change in dependent status (i.e. dependend child turning 26 years old)

Gaining or becoming a dependent due to:

  • Marriage
  • Birth of child
  • Adoption of child
  • Placement for adoption of child
  • Guardianshipo/court ordere dependent

Other events:

  • Permanent move to a new state
  • Existing coverage is being changed to a qualified health plan


When you experience a qualifying life event, you will be able to enroll or change your health insurance within 60 days of the event.


Extending open enrollment

Health Insurers Are Extending Enrollment, EHealth Says – Bloomberg.


EHealth has identified at least one health insurer in 14 states that will continue enrolling consumers past the deadline, said Nate Purpura, a spokesman for the Mountain View, California-based marketplace. He declined to name the insurers, saying eHealth would need permission from each company.

All in all, I think extending open enrollment isn’t such a bad thing. Still inquring minds want to know:

  1. Which parts of the law mean what they say?
  2. Hmmm. open enrollment started October 1, where have these people been?