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HELP! Open enrollment is over, can I still purchase health insurance?

Yes, no, maybe so.

To avoid the Obamacare penalty and purchase a Qualified Health plan, you’re too late UNLESS a Qualified Life Event (QLE) has occurred. If you have a QLE, then a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) will be created that will allow you a specified time to enroll.

What is a QLE?

Loss of Minimum Essential Coverage due to:

  • Divorce of legal separation
  • Change in full time employment status
  • Employer no longer offering coverage
  • Voluntary or involuntary termination of employment
  • Death of parent or spouse
  • Change in dependent status (i.e. dependend child turning 26 years old)

Gaining or becoming a dependent due to:

  • Marriage
  • Birth of child
  • Adoption of child
  • Placement for adoption of child
  • Guardianshipo/court ordere dependent

Other events:

  • Permanent move to a new state
  • Existing coverage is being changed to a qualified health plan


When you experience a qualifying life event, you will be able to enroll or change your health insurance within 60 days of the event.