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Cheap solutions to Obamacare challenge could work

Cheap solutions to Obamacare challenge could work: Experts.

In advance of Tuesday’s dueling appellate opinions, Obamacare blogger Charles Gaba, who has been tracking enrollment in exchange-sold plans, wrote an article with the headline, “I can save the Affordable Care Act for just $360.00!!”

Gaba wrote there is “an incredibly stupid-sounding solution” to the problem of a potential Supreme Court ruling invalidating the HealthCare.gov subsidies. That solution, Gaba said, is having each of the 36 states spend about $9.95 apiece—or less—on website domain names that would say things like “HealthcareAlabama.gov,” or “HealthcareAlaska.gov.”

“Then, just set up those domains names to repoint to the appropriate subsection of HealthCare.gov,” Gaba wrote.

Gaba suggested that would be enough to have a state “establish” an exchange, without actually having to do the heavy lifting of enrolling them in coverage.

Moncrieff said that idea is not as harebrained as it might appear.

“It’s possible that, yes, you could set up a fake portal website that redirects to HealthCare.gov,” she said. “It’s possible that this could be a very cheap, easy fix.”

And even if that solution wasn’t legal under the ACA, it could take years of new litigation to resolve that question—which would keep the subsidies flowing, she said.

Hey, that’s a great idea! From my July 25th post

However, here is what will most likely work.  I suspect Obamacare supporters will figure out a way to split healthcare.gov to a site that is healthcare.state.gov and that will “solve” the problem. I’m sure it’s more complicated than that but such a strategy will most likely stay one step ahead of the lawsuits. Also, are Republican’s really going to leave people without subsidies? I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion on this issue as time passes, especially if the Supreme Court rules the same as Halbig vs. Burrell.