Daily Archives: January 6, 2015

ALERT: Harvard Faculty now has a $250 Deductible!!!

What a bunch of arrogant, pompous, spoiled brats – When ObamaCare came to Harvard | New York Post.

Q: How many Harvard professors does it take to figure out that free government benefits aren’t actually free?

A: As many Harvard professors as are forced to pay the indirect costs of those benefits.

In case you missed the headline, what is the deductible that has sent these Professors into such a spoiled brat uproar?

Actually, the changes Harvard is experiencing are quite mild. By any measure, the school’s plan is still incredibly generous. Faculty will, for instance, now have an annual deductible of $250, which is hardly exorbitant.

Perhaps the Harvard faculty foolishly believed that other alum, President Obama, when he said ObamaCare would save the average family $2,500?

Personal note to Harvard Professors, you make me wanna puke. You are no where close to as special as you think you are. Suck in some air of the reality around you, be careful, the pollution of reality is likely to choke you.