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People refusing Government Cheese

Americans Protest Obamacare by Refusing Health Insurance Subsidies – US News.

She wanted to keep the catastrophic health insurance plan she once had, which she says fit her needs. But under the Affordable Care Act, the government’s health care reform law, the plan was discontinued because it did not comply with the law’s requirements, and her bills doubled to more than $400 a month. “I wanted a minimal plan and I’m not allowed to have it,” she says. “That seems like an encroachment on my freedom.”


Though Brewer could pay less for a plan if she were to accept a subsidy from the federal government, she refuses. “I want to pay my own way,” she says. “I will not take a handout.”

Kudo’s to Grace Brewer and her refusal of Government Cheese. Unfortunately, for many, it is simply impossible to pay afford coverage at all with accepting a subsidy. That said, my experience is very similar to the broker quoted in the article…

Her sentiment is unusual, but brokers say they do hear from clients who are eligible for subsidies – which are based on household income and not assets – but want no part of them.

Yep unusual. Back to Government Cheese….