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How to beat this month’s Obamacare deadline – Yahoo Finance

How to beat this month’s Obamacare deadline – Yahoo Finance.

If you’re in Colorado, call Chris Adams at 303.495.3045!

But it’s time to get cracking. February 15 marks the last day for Obamacare participants to make changes to their coverage for this year. Those who sign up for plans for the first time or change their coverage by February 15 will have their new policy start March 1. After open enrollment, consumers without a “qualifying life event,” like a move or the birth of a child, must wait until fall to make changes for 2016 coverage. And while Obamacare faces a challenge in the Supreme Court and in the Republican-led Congress, it remains the law of the land.

If currently uninsured people do nothing by February 15, they face a penalty next tax season unless they qualify for an exemption on religious or other, limited grounds. The fee for not buying coverage for 2015 will be 2% of your yearly household income, or $325 per adult and $162.50 per child for the year (up to a family maximum of $975), whichever is higher. The federal government estimates that as many as six million households may have to pay a penalty this year for not having had coverage in 2014, The Wall Street Journal recently reported.

There’s a mistake in this article regarding the penalty. The percentage is correct but it is NOT your yearly household income, it is your taxable household income for the year.


Connect for Health Colorado: What’s the problem?

I checked with Connect for Health Colorado today regarding a client that started the disenrollment process on Dec 16. Here is what I learned:

  •  The disenrollment was transmitted to the carrier on Dec 19
  • As of today, it is pending acknowledgement from the carrier

The process was started 52 days ago, or to be gracious 49 days ago if we go with the date that Connect for Health transmitted the disenrollment. What does Connect for Health say?

Oh, it takes 21 days for the date to be transmitted and the carrier to acknowledge and it can take another 7 days for the carrier to process the disenrollment.

What bothers me the most is they make the above statement as if the status quo is OK and to expect more is beyond their comprehension.

YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP. This level of mediocrity is unacceptable. The most politically correct statement I can make is that “amateur hour is alive and well over at Connect for Health.”

Vast quantities of data are successfully transmitted and received that are intricately involved in our we live our daily lives WITHOUT INCIDENT. It’s so common place that we don’t even think about it. Ordering a book on Amazon, downloading a book/file/graphic, bank transactions… all of these occur on a daily basis such that we don’t give them a second thought.

But Connect for Health Colorado can’t successfully transmit data, OR of course, the carriers can’t receive the data. STILL, they are in this together so I call dibs on it being Connect for Health Colorado’s problem. This was a big issue in 2014 and for it to remain a big issue for 2015 is totally unacceptable.

Amateur Hour at Connect for Health Colorado. What a disappointment.