Daily Archives: March 14, 2015

The Affordable Care Act meets your tax return

IRS Will Ask On Your 1040: Did You Have Health Insurance?.

See Line 61 on the 1040 tax form: “Health care: individual responsibility (see instructions) full-year coverage.” If the taxpayer, and spouse (if married), and all dependents had coverage all 12 months of 2014, then all’s well. Check the box and move on. For those who can’t check the box, there could be a penalty, or as the government calls it, a “shared responsibility payment.”

Have fun!


Saturday: Trying to contact Connect for Health Colorado

Called them around 10am. It’s 10:42a and no answer. By my phone I’ve been on hold for 43′ 10″. Why do they even say they are open? I plan to ask how many people are working if I don’t give up.

Why even claim you’re open if you can’t answer a call in 43 minutes on a Saturday? What say, Connect for Health? Hey they answered at 43/44 min, supposedly 10 people working.