“Are you that cruel?”

Democrats Finally Tell Us The Truth About Obamacare.

Are any of the things that the Affordable Care Act’s loquacious architect Jonathan Gruber has been caught saying really that shocking? Did anyone truly believe that Obamacare was primarily about bending cost curves, lowering deficits, or easing the growing premiums of middle-class families? Did anyone but the most zealous disciple ever accept that this was about anything other than expanding Medicaid and creating bureaucratic mechanisms to better control the insurance market?

I am so sick of this name calling. Obamacare is a very complicated piece of legislation that when it’s well oiled operates as a very clunky machine.

Band aids are not the fix, repeal and replace is. No, we’re not going back to the way it was, that much is for certain. Although it has little chance, efforts to repeal without a replacement are a waste of time and energy.


I speak with people every day on health insurance. None are happy with what we have with the possible exception of those who are receiving very substantial subsidies are who are quite ill.


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