Billing issues crop up on health plans sold through Colorado exchange

Billing issues crop up on health plans sold through Colorado exchange – The Denver Post.

Pueblo resident Lisa Bridwell said she has spent hours trying to get billed for the health insurance she purchased through the state exchange, and she’s afraid her coverage will be dropped because the exchange and Kaiser Permanente can’t get the billing issue straight.

Bridwell and her husband signed up for insurance effective May 1, and since then she received only one bill — and that bill was sent after she already paid that month by phone.

“I’m afraid of going to the doctor and being told (the policy) is void,” she said. “They’re having a lot of problems, and I’m not sure what they’re doing.”

How big is this issue?

Exchange chief executive Patty Fontneau said billing delays were a big issue at the beginning of the year but not at this point.

“I believe there are exceptions and problems, and we will absolutely get them resolved and investigate,” she said.

Fontneau said the billing category includes people calling with questions and not just problems, but she conceded the exchange does not know what percentage of the roughly 1,800 customers who called last month had problems with or didn’t receive their bills.

“Is it a huge problem?” she asked. “I don’t believe so. We haven’t been hearing that.”

I believe Patty Fontneau is playing politics. Keep in mind that it’s now July and there are still billing issues…. that’s intolerable. Also, it’s a damn big problem if it’s your problem.


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