Fatally flawed Obamacare

says former HP CEO Carly Fiorina.

Can Obamacare be fixed before it’s fully implemented?

Oh I think we really have to fix it. And I think you fix it by repealing and then enacting really sensible reform. And in order to get the votes to repeal it you have to give the American people an idea of how it’s going to be reformed.

But this to me is a classic case of a bill getting oversold in very simple terms. If you like what you have you can keep it and all the people who don’t have something are going to get something essentially for free. And then this incredibly complex bill was written to basically manage a sixth of the economy. Of course it’s a trainwreck. (emphasis added)

We have to fix it, we just can’t let this play out because one of the things we know is that once a government program is enacted it’s exceedling difficult to ever get rid of it. We just can’t get to that place.


Watch the whole thing…



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