Individual coverage cancellation and Why buy a plan on the exchange anyway?

Here’s Why So Many Americans Are Getting Letters Saying Their Health Insurance Is Canceled – Business Insider.

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” This was one of President Obama’s key talking points when selling the Affordable Care Act, and it was never true — as many of the 14 million Americans currently covered by individually-purchased health plans are now learning.

And here’s why…

  • Some old plans don’t meet new requirements under the ACA (essential health benefits)
  • Some existing plans have especially sick particpants pools, so insurers want to end them (The state high risk pools should be included here too)

The article goes on to explain why you should or should not buy on the exchange…

If subsidies are only available inside the exchange, and the regulations are mostly the same, why would any insurers offer plans outside the exchange, and why would anybody buy outside?

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