Is the Small Business Administration Going to Help Small Businesses Get Out from Under Obamacare?

PJ Media » Is the Small Business Administration Going to Help Small Businesses Get Out from Under Obamacare?.


“Right now, if you are a small business and you want to provide healthcare, you can barely get a quote,” she said. “Now, if you have an affordable health care marketplace which will exist in every state by next fall, there will be enrollment and by next January small businesses will have the opportunity — not the requirement but the opportunity — to participate and buy healthcare on those exchanges.”

The response did little to appease Risch, who argued that rather than affordable healthcare the top priority among businesses “is staying in business.” Many are facing difficulties doing so “because they can’t compete when the government tells them they’ve got to spend money on something they don’t want to spend money on or they want to spend money the way they want to spend it not the way Washington, D.C., and the people who work here tell them they have to do business.”

Gesturing behind him toward a stack of documents about seven feet high – a “red tape tape” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has been using to represent the regulations to implement the Affordable Care Act – Risch said businesses “are trying to get out from under this.”

“They’re trying to get away from it,” Risch said. “They’re trying to get around it. They’re not embracing this. You don’t see anyone coming up hugging this stack of documents saying, ‘look this is what I want to do.’ They want to get away from this.” (emphasis added both instances – Ed)

Indeed. Perhaps once they have it shoved down their throats they will decide it doesn’t taste so bad.


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