Medicaid is a type of insurance but is their coverage?

Denver area has plenty of doctors, but few accepting Medicaid, says study – Denver Business Journal.

Adams, Denver and Arapahoe counties have the third-, fourth- and fifth-worst ratios of Medicaid enrollees to doctors who accept the lower-reimbursement insurance, all with less than one primary-care physician taking the insurance for every 2,400 enrollees.
And those numbers are likely to be exacerbated further as more people sign up for Medicaid.

If you are applying for premium assistance under Obamacare, if you fall under 133% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) you will be funneled into Medicaid in the states that have enacted enhanced Medicaid. Can you avoid Medicaid? Yes, you can elect to op-out of the Medicaid system. Is their a downside to opting out? Yes and it may be significant. You are NOT eligible to receive any premium assistance. That means paying full price for Obamacare coverage you want, very likely an unaffordable option.


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