3 thoughts on “MAGI: Calculating Modified Adjusted Gross Income for Obamacare Subsidy

  1. I I have small pension and small SSD. Is MAGI includes SSA Disability payment (line 20a)? Line 37 on form 1040 usually don’t.
    Thx, T.

  2. Concerning “Modified Adjusted Income” in Obama Care. I invested in a condo rental Unit about 40 years ago for my “Retirement.” Can these rental expenses such as gas, electric, Taxes, high condo maintenance fees, special condo assessments plus interior condo expenses necessary for normal wear & tear up-keep
    such as new flooring, lighting, painting, kitchen cabinet & counter replacements etc. be deducted
    under Obamacare rules the same as on/with my regular/normal IRS Tax Forms, since the “Income” on rentals must be included? (Adjusted Gross Income)
    (Logic would say if Rental Income must be reported, expenses could be deducted also?)

    1. Ed, first of all, I’m not qualified to give tax advice. That said, I believe these deductions are taken prior to the AGI line on your tax return so most likely the answer is yes.

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