Obamacare and part time workers

Will Obamacare Turn America Into a Nation of Part-Time Workers? – seattlepi.com


Part-time workers fall into the gray area of the PPACA in that only full-time employees of corporations numbering 50 or more persons are required to be covered. Businesses are under no obligation to offer health care benefits to part-time employees, nor will they be penalized by the federal government for not doing so. What this has done is create the impetus for a dramatic shift from full-time to part-time workforces.

Problem for part time employees:

The problem for employees being bumped back to part-time is threefold. First, reduced hours will mean a reduced paycheck. Chances are that these are employees already being hurt by the rollback of the payroll tax holiday, and they likely won’t be welcoming a cutback in hours. Second, it potentially reduces their chance of having part of their insurance paid for by the company they work for. Certain individuals will fall under the Medicaid expansion based on their income, but middle-class individuals being moved into part-time status will be stuck in individual mandate limbo. Finally, part-time schedules — and I speak first-hand here from my college days — are incredibly unaccommodating. You don’t make enough at one job, but finding a second job can be nearly impossible because of the ever-changing hours.

Read the whole thing to read about the good guys, which include Costco and Marriott International.


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