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Additional Colorado exchange pricing from CCHI

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) has done some analysis of Colorado exchange pricing filed with the state. Their dressed up conclusion in my opinion…

“Colorado consumers will be pleased they will have a enough health insurance plans from among which to choose, without being overwhelmed by too many choices – it looks like Goldilocks, just right,” said Dede de Percin, executive director of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. “Despite doomsday predictions, the state is not seeing ‘rate shock’, so many of the choices will be more affordable, especially with the subsidies.”

Here are some examples of pricing for “one Silver plan” from each of the 10 insurers…


Denver Individual Plans

  • 27 year old: $207 to $373 per month
  • 40-year old: $253 to $454 per month

Denver Family Plan (2 parents age 40, children under 18)

  • $756 to $1,360 per month

Durango Individual Plans

  • 27-year old: $207 to $504 per month
  • 40-year old: $253 to $615 per month

Durango Family Plan (2 parents age 40, children under 18)

  •  $756 to $1,840 per month

Fort Collins Individual Plans

  • 27-year old: $197 to $406 per month
  • 40-year old: $240 to $495 per month

Fort Collins Family Plan (2 parents age 40, children under 18)

  • $718 to $1,481 per month


Having sold numerous health policies in Colorado, I can assure you this most DEFINITELY WILL BE sticker shock. That said, of course many will be eligible for subsidies to defray the cost. Let’s hear it from CCHI:

Most consumers will not pay these prices since low and middle-income Connect for Health Colorado marketplace consumers will be eligible for advanced premium tax credits based on income.  For example, a 40-year old earning $29,000 a year, paying a premium of $350 per month would be eligible for a subsidy of up to $154 per month and would contribute $196 per month for his or her health plan.

Subsidies are not reduced in a straight line fashion as your income increases. If you are closer to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) the amount of subsidy you will receive is substantially reduced. View a FPL spreadsheet vs. number of family members here.


Healthcare rates expected to increase in Colorado

Healthcare rates expected to increase in Colo. | 9news.com.

The group insurance rates are expected to increase between 13 and 30 percent, but it is the increase for individual health insurance that could skyrocket.

“We have heard from various insurance carriers on the individual market rates could go anyplace from 60 to 120 percent higher than the current market,” Steven Roper with Roper Insurance said.

The initial rate filings have been submitted and I’ll post a link to instructions to look at rates later. Without looking at them, I don’t believe individual Colorado Health insurance rates will rise as much as the article suggests. My reasoning is the CO Dept of Ins (DORA) has been leading the charge in implementing many of the mandates early such as maternity care and gender neutral pricing (to spread maternity out across the rate base requires gender neutral pricing). We’ll find out soon enough.

Another issue to keep in mind is that some companies are restructuring their individual insurance policies such that they will not “renew” until Dec 2014. This will allow you to keep your present plan as long as possible (assuming you don’t have a Grandfathered plan). These companies are Cigna, United HealthOne and Assurant Health.