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Obamacare induced Doctor Shortage – beware the Triple Threat

Ouch: Doctor Shortage Could Spell (More) Disaster for Obamacare – Cortney O’Brien.

Healthcare professionals are warning that there could be a wide gap between the number of people seeking medical treatment under Obamacare and the number of doctors available to provide it.

A triple threat — more people needing care, tens of thousands of doctors reaching retirement age and a growing number of physicians getting so frustrated with bureaucracy that they want out — could undermine any improvements the law envisages.

Personally I encourage doctors, especially primary are physicians, to stop fooling with insurance and post your prices.


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Got health insurance? Good luck finding a doctor

Got health insurance? Good luck finding a doctor.

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates a shortfall of 63,000 doctors by 2015and one of 130,000 doctors by 2025. U.S. medical schools would have to graduate seven times more doctors that year alone just to keep pace.

We need more doctors in America, and we especially need more of the small, primary care practices that often represent the only health care available in underserved areas. Unfortunately, market dynamics and policy changes are turning the independent family doctor into an endangered species.

There is some good news in the remainder of the article.


Obamacare induced doctor shortage

Obamacare has doctors planning exit | WND .

In a survey by a top research firm, six in 10 physicians said it is likely many doctors will retire earlier than planned in the next one to three years.

The same percentage say the practice of medicine is in jeopardy as medical experts lose control of their clinics and compensation with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, or Obamacare.

A spokeswoman for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Jane Orient, was not surprised.

She told WND that doctors already have started leaving the profession through early retirement. Among those who remain, some will seek alternatives to what they see coming in the federal government’s takeover of health care.

“I think it’s a disaster for patients,” she said. “They may lose the doctor they relied on all their lives.” (emphasis added)

Not a pretty picture.


Doctor shortages coming to a region near you

Human Events: Thanks to Obamacare, doctor shortages set to quintuple.

Obamacare is set to provide some 16 million people with health insurance through Medicaid or the new exchanges next year. Unfortunately, their policies may not be worth much, because they may not be able to actually get care.

America is suffering from a doctor shortage. An influx of millions of new patients into the healthcare system will only exacerbate that shortage, driving up the demand for care without doing anything about its supply. Those who get their coverage through Medicaid or the exchanges may feel the effects of the shortage even more acutely, as many providers are opting not to accept their insurance.

Right now, the United States is short some 20,000 doctors, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The shortage could quintuple over the next decade, thanks to the aging of the American population and the aging and consequent retirement of many physicians. Nearly half of the 800,000-plus doctors in the United States are over the age of 50.

Obamacare is further thinning the doctor corps. A Physicians Foundation survey of 13,000 doctors found 60 percent of doctors would retire today if they could, up from 45 percent before the law passed.

Practices being swallowed up by larger practices and hospitals is NOT a good thing. It may make it easier for the government to compile statistics and issue reports but I seriously doubt it does a damn thing for your healthcare.


Nurse practitioners, physicians assistants fill the doctor gap

Nurse practitioners, physicians assistants fill the doctor gap – The Dispatch.

Barring a dramatic increase in the number of doctors in the U.S., Columbus nurse practitioner Mary Chance-Peeler should have a job as long as she wants one.

According to a report from Irving, Texas-based physician staffing company, Staff Care, a shortage of physicians in the United States, coupled with the approaching implementation of the Affordable Care Act, is prompting healthcare facilities to expand the role of primary care providers. The report states two groups of professionals in the field are chief among the expansion — nurse practitioners and physician assistants.



Obamacare has Southern California health officials scrambling

Obamacare has Southern California health officials scrambling – The Daily Breeze.

The state’s publicly funded health insurance program for low-income and disabled residents will soon launch a huge statewide expansion. But making a promise of health care is one thing, and delivering is another.

In some places, it’s already difficult for many poor California residents with state Medi-Cal insurance to find a doctor who is able – or willing – to care for them.

Health providers throughout the Southland who currently see these patients say they are overwhelmed and underfunded, a situation that could worsen when those newly covered by Medi-Cal arrive for care on Jan. 1, 2014, when the program is expanded.

Of course State officials feel differently… Continue reading Obamacare has Southern California health officials scrambling