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Obamacare, PERA adds stress to JeffCo schools budget

ObamaCare will permanently JeffCo’s budget by approximately $7 million for all budget years for the foreseeable future after 2017.

This about sums it up…

Once all of the increases are added up, and if the one-time administrative setup costs are omitted, ObamaCare will have permanently increased JeffCo’s budget by $8 million for all budget years for the foreseeable future after 2017.

To put the $8 million annual increase into some context, the JeffCo board is currently considering the construction of a new school, which has been estimated to cost from $15 to 25 million. If the district were able to forego the costs of the ObamaCare requirements and save those monies instead, it would roughly afford the district a newly constructed school every two to three years. For another point of comparison, $7 million represents roughly one percent of the school district’s yearly budget.

This issue appears to be somewhat restricted to Jeffco, who previously provided benefits only to full time workers, as in 40 hours per week. The Obamacare definition of 30 hours per week for f/t employees is responsible for much of the cost increase.



Shift to part time: Employers cutting work hours thanks to Obamacare

The list has grown to 313 employers. ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs – Investors.com.

ObamaCare’s impact on jobs is hotly debated by politicians and economists. Critics say the Affordable Care Act, with its employer mandate to provide health insurance, gives businesses an incentive to cut workers’ hours. This year, report after report has rolled in about employers restricting work hours to fewer than 30 per week — the point where the mandate kicks in. Data also point to a record low workweek in low-wage industries.

That’s just what the doctor ordered for workers in low wage industries, shifting workers to part time and less hours. Guess that’s a good way to breed dependence on government.


Brevard County to cut back hours for some part-time employees

Brevard County to cut back hours for some part-time employees | www.wftv.com.

Hundreds of part-time Brevard County workers have had their hours cut as the county prepares for the implementation of Obamacare.

By 2015, Obamacare will require the county to provide health care for anyone working more than 30 hours per week, which means lots of companies are cutting back the hours of part-time employees.

Brevard County has over 300 part-time workers, many of whom are in the library and parks systems.

While officials don’t necessarily want to reduce hours for those employees, they’ll be forced to unless the county wants to pay for full-time health benefits.

Health benefits for each of Brevard’s part-time employees would cost about $10,000 per employee.

Oh, that would be a $3 million hit to the Brevard County budget!

I spend a lot of time in Brevard County many (many) years ago. Lots of fond memories.


“We won’t start hiring full time people.”

Behold The Part-Time Worker Society: “We Won’t Start Hiring Full-Time People” | Zero Hedge.

To wit: “Ken Adams has been turning to more part-time workers at his 10 Subway sandwich shops in Michigan to avoid possibly incurring higher health-care costs under the new federal insurance law. He added approximately 25 part-time workers in May and June as he reduced some employees’ hours and replaced other workers who left. The move showed how efforts by some restaurant owners and other businesses to remake their workforces because of the Affordable Care Act may be turning the country’s labor market into a more part-time workforce.” In other words, the already worst paying jobs in the US are getting even more of the shaft, downgraded from full time to part time status. Precisely the New “part-time worker society” that we predicted would happen back in 2010… (red emphasis added)

Read the whole thing.



Local Governments Cut Part-Time Hours To Avoid ObamaCare Mandate

Local Governments Cut Part-Time Hours To Avoid ObamaCare Mandate – Investors.com.

Say it ain’t so…

Yet while private companies are getting all this unwelcome and hostile attention, local governments across the country have been quietly doing exactly the same thing — cutting part-time hours specifically so they can skirt ObamaCare’s costly employer mandate, while complaining about the law in some of the harshest terms anyone has uttered in public.

The result is that part-time government workers — many of them low-income — face pay cuts that can top $3,000 a year, and yet will still be left without employer-provided benefits.


Dearborn, Mich.: “If we had to provide health care and other benefits to all of our employees, the burden on the city would be tremendous,” said Mayor John O’Reilly, explaining why the city is cutting its more than 700 part-time and seasonal workers down to 28 hours a week. “The city is like any private or public employer having to adjust to changes in the law.”

There are a multitude of additional examples at the link.
Let me get this straight, private companies don’t have these or similar issues as well?

I’m eagerly awaiting reports of what our local municipalities and school systems are doing from the Boulder Daily Camera and the Longmont Times Call.


Obamacare Forces Employee Hours to Be Cut at Indiana Schools

Obamacare Forces Employee Hours to Be Cut at Indiana Schools | The Weekly Standard.

Obamacare regulations are forcing employers to cut employee hours at Indiana schools, according to the Courier-Journal.

“Schools across Indiana are cutting back the hours of teacher assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and other aides to avoid having to offer them health insurance under the federal health care employer mandate that begins next year,” reports the paper.

Expect this type of action to become more and more frequent.


Unravel Obamacare and You Get a Train Wreck

Unravel Obamacare and You Get a Train Wreck.

Back to the Obama press conference yesterday…

“For the 85 to 90 percent of Americans who already have health insurance,” Obama helpfully informed his audience, “they’re already experiencing most of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act — even if they don’t know it.” Insisting that the implementation has already been accomplished for the already-insured, Obama claimed, “Now they don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Nonsense, scoffed Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler. “There are a variety of studies and reports that suggest that, beyond those groups, some 10 million people face the prospect of losing their current health care,” Kessler said in rebuttal to the President’s remarks.

It’s just not a pretty picture. Follow the link to read about:

  • Obamacare applicattion and extensive documentation on tangible assets, alimony and tips for your job
  • Employees being relagated to part time status
  • Reductions in Medicare reimbursements leading to fewer providers

Chaos is coming. Obamacare unleashes a trainwreck. What’s not to like?


Obamacare and part time workers

Will Obamacare Turn America Into a Nation of Part-Time Workers? – seattlepi.com


Part-time workers fall into the gray area of the PPACA in that only full-time employees of corporations numbering 50 or more persons are required to be covered. Businesses are under no obligation to offer health care benefits to part-time employees, nor will they be penalized by the federal government for not doing so. What this has done is create the impetus for a dramatic shift from full-time to part-time workforces.

Problem for part time employees: Continue reading Obamacare and part time workers


Obamacare: Adjust instructors hours cut…

Colleges Curb Adjuncts’ Hours to Skirt Affordable Care Act Rules – Faculty – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Allison G. Armentrout, an adjunct instructor at Stark State College, doesn’t get paid by the hour. She earns $4,600 to teach two English composition courses. But now she carefully tracks how many hours she works on an electronic time sheet.

On a recent week, she spent three hours preparing for her lectures, close to six hours in the classroom, and 16 more grading assignments for a grand total of about 25 hours. So she can breathe a sigh of relief because she won’t lose her job: She came in under the college’s new 29-hour-a-week wire designed to keep her ineligible for health-care coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

No surprise, in fact I’d call it common sense.


Many part time employees suffer under ObamaCare

Nation’s biggest movie theater chain cuts workweek, blaming ObamaCare | Fox News.

Regal Entertainment Group, which operates more than 500 theaters in 38 states,  last month rolled back shifts for non-salaried workers to 30 hours per week,  putting them under the threshold at which employers are required to provide  health insurance. The Nashville-based company said in a letter to managers that  the move was a direct result of ObamaCare

It doesn’t take a genius to see this coming with more companies to follow, not to mention those that have gone before.

Regal, which had revenue of $2.8 billion in 2011, is the latest company to  respond this way to the Affordable Health Care Act’s requirement that employees  at companies of a certain size who work more than 30 hours per week be provided  health coverage. Applebee’s and Olive Garden also scaled back the hours of  workers. A handful of colleges have cut hours because of the law, including Palm  Beach State College in Florida and New Jersey’s Kean University. Critics say the  law is boomeranging on working folks.

The Heritage foundation doesn’t seem to think the Obamacare mandates are a good solution for the economy…

“If you want to have reduced work, lower wages and economic stagnation, this is  a great way to do it, said Ed Haislmaier, senior research fellow at the Heritage  Foundation.

Hey, even State governments are getting into the act:

In addition to the movie theater chain and several restaurants, the state of  Virginia also rolled back the hours of all part-time employees back to 29 per  week in February, with officials from the state claiming that the new mandate  would cost the state tens of millions of dollars a year.

Most likely the newly minted part time empolyees will be eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, at least until they get a 2nd job to earn the same as their previous wage.  The catch 22 is as they earn more money, the less the subsidy that will be available to them. Brother, you can’t make this stuff up.