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Obamacare drug coverage: Do your homework

Report: Health Exchanges Drug Coverage Confusing – Top News – InsuranceNewsNet.com.

“It was very difficult for consumers to get a more nuanced view of what their plans covered,” Pearson said. In some cases, a consumer would have to click six times to find drug coverage information. Even worse, no links to lists of covered drugs existed for some health plans.

That forced consumers to search insurance company websites, and, even if they found the covered drug lists, it could be tough to determine which lists went with the exchange plans they were comparing, Pearson said.

“Many chronic conditions rely on medications for management and to keep people out of the hospital,” Pearson said. “If your drug is not covered, then you’re responsible for the full cost or you have to switch to a different drug. The impact on the patient could be several thousands of dollars a year.”

Make sure you do your homework on drug coverage. The big issue of course, is you may not know you’re about to be diagnosed with a chronic condition, so how do you evaluate drug coverage in general?


Obamacare Is Good Medicine for Retail Pharmacies

Obamacare Is Good Medicine for Retail Pharmacies.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the Act) will positively impact sales in the retail pharmacy sector. The reason is pretty simple: Obamacare will bring more people into the health care sector. Moreover, the health care reform measure includes a prescription drug benefit.

Prescription drugs are considered an essential health benefit under Section 1302 of the Act. In short, there are different tiers of coverage for the types and sources of medications. Generic drugs will become even more affordable for consumers because of lower out-of-pocket expenses.

The retail pharmacies have a big hand in dispensing generic prescriptions, so the Affordable Care Act will be a boon for this sector.


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