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Consumers unprepared for health care reform

Consumers unprepared for health care reform | LifeHealthPro.


“It’s time for consumers to face reality,” Tillman said. “Ready or not, they are being put in control of their health insurance decisions — and that means having to make choices that could have a big impact on personal finances. If employers aren’t offering guidance to workers on how to make crucial benefits decisions, the responsibility lies in the hands of consumers to educate themselves.”

Ask questions, be prepared.


An Exchange races to be ready

Oregon’s ambitious health insurance marketplace races to meet federal reform deadlines | OregonLive.com.


Nationwide, millions of people have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, gaining free access to preventive services including cancer screenings and discounts on prescriptions. The real muscle of the law, though, kicks in the new year. That’s when the law calls for insurance for everyone, regardless of a pre-existing condition or age. Health marketplaces will offer tiered insurance plans to individuals and small businesses employing 50 or less.

What is this “free” stuff. None of it is free. Either it’s built into the premium you’re paying or someone else is paying for it.

In Oregon, more than 200,000 people initially are expected to sign up through Cover Oregon. While premiums will jump for some initially, supporters hope competition will tamp down health care costs over the long haul.

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