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Insurance is not the same as Healthcare

Network participation – Survey finds doctors rebelling against Obamacare, famous hospitals declining to join | WashingtonExaminer.com.

Be careful out there. Please, be careful out there.

If you’re looking for a plan and are involved in the medical system or require certain services, the first item you should be investigating is network participation. Check on providers and facilites you might reasonably or even unreasonably expect to access.


Health insurers to limit medical choices under ObamaCare?

Health insurers to limit medical choices under ObamaCare? | Fox News Video.


We’re living this in Colorado. Take a look at the analysis of the Silver plans filed in Colorado done by CCHI. Six of the ten plans have the word HMO in them and another plan is a “cooperative”. Three plans have the words PPO in them and I fairly certain the Cigna plan is a PPO as well. Not surprisingly, the PPO plans, which are the typical large network plans that most insureds expect, are a minority of the plans and substantially more expensive.

Can you keep your doctor? A distinct “maybe” if you go with an HMO style plan. “Most likely” if you select a more expensive PPO style plan.

Just another surprise courtesy of Obamacare.