Thousands could get ‘Obamacare’ tax credits | The Columbus Dispatch

Thousands could get ‘Obamacare’ tax credits | The Columbus Dispatch.

This article investigates the number of people in the Columbus, OH area that are eligible for the Obamcare tax credits. Included in this article is a chart detailing eligibility for tax credits and the percentage of premium that is the “buyers share”. Note the lower the income the more subsidy and the less premium the purchaser is responsible for. That’s all well and good, HOWEVER, the chart then shows actual numbers for annual premium. I have one question:

How do they KNOW what the premiums will be?

subsidy chart

I also find the concern over knowledge of tax credits somewhat misplaced….

Some observers expressed concern that information about the tax credits will be drowned out by rhetoric concerning the federal health-care overhaul, which some have dubbed “Obamacare.”

“It’s honestly very hard to predict how well and effectively we’ll be able to reach out and let people know that they can use the premium tax credit,” said Kathleen Stoll, Families USA’s director of health policy.

Really? Let me understand this. Applicants that are in the lower income ranges go to purchase healthcare. They see it’s extremely expensive relative to their salary and no mention of subsidy will reach their conscoiusness? In my interactions with the general population, the mention of “free stuff”, which in my opinion a subsidy falls into that cateogry, is like throwing out red meat to hungry dogs. My message to Kathleen Stoll, relax, word of subsidy availability will spread faster than a wildfire.


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