Treasurey makes $3 billion in Obamacare payments without authorization.

Do first, ask forgiveness later – Treasury won’t explain decision to make $3 billion in Obamacare payments |

What’s tricky is that Congress never authorized any money to make such payments to insurers in its annual appropriations, but the Department of Health and Human Services, with the cooperation of the U.S. Treasury, made them anyway.


The argument that annual appropriations are required to make payments is also backed up by a report from the Congressional Research Service, which has differentiated between the tax credit subsidies that Obamacare provides to individuals to help them purchase insurance, and the cost-sharing payments to insurers.

Well until Congress gets some gonads (excuse me ladies, or not…) it’s quite obvious that annual appropriations are not required.

Why do we even have a Congress with Obama as President? They are getting more and more irrelevant by the day. The scary thing is there’s “nothing wrong with that” from a Democratic perspective.


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