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Michelle Malkin | » Obamacare’s Annus Horribilis.

Michelle reminds us of all the promised benefits of Obamacare…

Let’s start with premiums. President Candy Land promised that he’d “lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year.” But premiums for people in the individual market for health insurance have spiked over the last year. In fact, Forbes health policy journalist Avik Roy and the Manhattan Institute analyzed 3,137 counties and found that individual market premiums rose an average of 49 percent.

A legitimate question to ask is over what period of time did the 49% increase occur. I heard in one of the Fox news business block programs this morning that it was over 5 years. (See bottom of article for clarification) If that’s the case, as a stand alone issue it’s not that bad. There is no doubt there was a large spike in premiums due to Obamacare mandates. Summing up the meaning of “Affordable”…

“Affordable” doesn’t mean what White House truth-warpers says it means — just like everything else they’ve spewed about the doomed federal takeover of health policy in America.

…. and I am in full agreement.

Medicaid cuts…

Analysts on all sides of the debate agree that massive cuts in Medicaid payments to primary care doctors, which take effect on Jan. 1, will reduce patient access. Meanwhile, a Commonwealth Fund survey found that 26 percent of American adults waited six days or more to see a doctor — with only Canada and Norway performing worse. A separate physicians’ staffing company’s poll, reported by the left-wing New York Times, found that patients “waited an average of 29 days nationally to see a dermatologist [,] 66 days to have a physical in Boston and 32 days for a heart evaluation by a cardiologist in Washington.”

Translation: If you like your doctor, it doesn’t mean you’ll get to see your doctor. Tick, tick, tick.

I’m assuming these waiting times are for Medicaid patients?

She then addresses the insurance company bailouts ($1B) and the faltering Health Insurance Coops.

The silver lining?

One silver lining: A total of 16 Senators who voted for the federal health care takeover either failed to win re-election or declined to run for re-election.

Good riddance to them and farewell to Obamacare’s annus horribilis.

Regarding premium increases, I found Avik Roy’s analysis of Obamacare premiums. The linked article does not summarize the results nationwide, but he does mention increases from 2013-2014:

Last November, our team at the Manhattan Institute published a study indicating that Obamacare had increased the underlying cost of individually-purchased health insurance in the average state by 41 percent in 2014, relative to 2013. (emphasis added)

You can check out your own sitation with the interactive map: What Will Obamacare Cost You?


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