White Castle On Obamacare

White Castle On Obamacare: We May Only Hire Part-Time Workers.

The restaurant chain has no intention of firing members of its current full-time staff or reducing benefits as a result of President Barack Obama’s new health care law, Richardson originally said in an interview NPR published Wednesday.

Yet Richardson told HuffPost that it must consider all options with the company’s healthcare costs set to rise 35 percent once the law is implemented.

How many people are covered and how much does it cost?

White Castle employs around 9,600 workers nationwide and about half work full-time. Roughly 80 percent of White Castle’s full-time employees opt in to the company’s current health care plan and the company spends four to five times more in health care than it makes in net income annually, Richardson said.

This is mind boggling. The company already spends 4 to 5 times MORE on health care than it makes in annual net income and those costs are set to rise 35%. WOWZA!


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