Why an Obamacare blog?

The health insurance industry is undergoing a dramatic upheaval. The “man on the street” is just starting to look around and ask “What’s about to happen to my health care?”.

This blog will attempt to address those questions. To be up front, I am a health insurance broker, so I deal with people looking for coverage every day. Obamacare is starting to come up in almost every conversation. People are concerned. They are concerned about cost, they are concerned about penalties, they are concerned about how their coverage will change and of course what the cost of their policies will be.

Some of these questions can’t be fully answered yet. That said, the blog portion of this website will address these issues on an ongoing basis. It WILL have an anti-Obamacare bias. That said, I will try to have posts addressing issues and will link to a wide variety of websites so that a number of points of view are represented. The 2nd portion of the blog will be the resource pages. The goal of these pages will be to provide basic factual information on Obamacare. For example, what income ranges will qualify for a government subsidy?

I’ll create an email address where you can reach me in the next few days.

Chris Adams
Boulder, Colorado


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